Change of Address

I want to start with the statement that whoever reads this blog is really awesome. You’re awesome because even though I’ve been taking an unplanned hiatus for the last few weeks, you’ve stuck with me and kept reading.

You are all my new best friends.

Anywho, I’ve got some exciting things going on over here which are going to skew my posts this month…

Our little family is moving to Brooklyn! We’ve landed a sweet apartment in Boerum Hill and I’m so excited to let you in on all our  packing nightmares adventures!

So for the next weeks, I’m going to sprinkle my regular posts with all the moving stuff that’s floating around in my mind right now. Back to blogging (at least a couple of times a week). Huzzah!


I know you know this, but I love mail. I love to get it, I love to send it, I love to have it pile up in my office and never use it. Sigh.

This week I’ve been previewing some rad little change of address notes. Here are my faves so far.

Moving DayJack and Ella Paper Press

Brooklyn BrownstoneLucky Duck Press

Moving TruckLetterary Press

This one isn’t strictly a moving card, but I think it’s really cool (and a little out of my price range).

Chevy Station WagonPistachio Press

I think we might have settled on this one:

New Nest

New NestJack and Ella Paper Press

Cute, cute, cute.


Your telegram just killed my groove

I love this song. (Do I say that every week?)

Such nice harmony. Such ridiculous lyrics:

Fifteen cents a word to read
A telegram I didn’t need
Says she doesn’t care no more
Think I’ll throw it on the floor
Got your cable just today
Killed my groove I’ve got to say…

Sorry fellas, but is it ever good news when you get a telegram? There was only one reason for your girlfriend not to call you on the phone in 1967. In 2010 you would have just gotten a text.

Fun fact (according to the ultra-reliable Wikipedia): “Western Union” contains the most repetitive word or phrase (in this case, the imitative word “dit”) in a Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 record.

Happy Music Monday, everyone.

2 Gigs / 1 Artist: Never Sleeping Inc.

Never Sleeping Inc

Never Sleeping Inc: Website / Etsy / Blog

Black and White and Red all over

What’s black, white, and red all over? Elefint Tees!

(I know, that was a terrible joke, but you know how much I love being cheesy.)

I’ve always been a great fan of the simplicity of black, white and red. That color combination has always struck me as the most basic palate for design. And I think that Jonathan Capuano, the designer behind Elefint, really knows how to maximize the look of those colors on a t-shirt. (Take a look at that raven!)

Elefint tees come in lots of other colors as well—the Basket Bike Tee comes in exactly eleven colors—and I’m particularly partial to the Cold Owl Hoodie—which would make a really excellent Christmas gift for a specific family member—but in the end I’m loving the basic black, white and red.

Btw, everything Elefint makes is screen-printed by hand and made to order by Jonathan. (Check out his design portfolio here.)

Raven Abstract T-shirtRaven Abstract

Love WinsLove Wins

Bird Flock TeeBirds Flock

I also love this tote bag. Too cute.

Chubby BirdsChubby Birds

Elefint:  Etsy / Jonathan Capuano’s Website / Twitter

I’ve given up my friends just for you

It’s still…


I’m sorry to say that Diana, Flo and Mary have broken the cardinal rule of dating: never, never, never give up your friends for anyone you’re just dating, especially somebody who has already broken up with you! Come on, ladies—you know better than that!

But it is a pretty song.

By the way, I’m probably the only person who likes the Supremes and doesn’t know anything about them, but in case I’m not, you should definitely read their history on Wikipedia. I’m adding Dreamgirls to my Netflix queue right now.

Happy Music Monday, my dears.

2 Gigs / 1 Artist: Us and Them

Us and Them

Us and Them: Website / Shop

Option G draws a great iceberg

Option-G is a multidisciplinary creative agency that specializes in illustration, graphic design, animation and original video content. They also have a t-shirt line that they release twice a year.

Iceberg TeeIceberg

Topographic Map TeeTopographic Map

Aurora Borealis TeeAurora Borealis

Apparently they sell these at Target and Urban Outfitters, but I’ve definitely never seen them there—though, to be fair, living in Manhattan has really curtailed my Target addition, and I’ve been feeling too old to shop in UO since I turned about 23. So if you see one of those Iceberg tees in a ladies Medium, be sure to send it my way. (I promise I’ll pay you back.)

By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re going to see this studio show up on 2 Gigs / 1 Artist in the very near future.

Option G: Website / Twitter / Blog (yes, on Facebook) / Little Paper Planes