hitchcock, the birds (1963)

on sunday night, loverboy and i saw the birds.  let me tell you that there were several times that i was ready to pee my pants.  the genius of hitchcock, though, is that i never actually peed my pants.  hitch (as my good friend tippi calls him) is, of course, the master of suspense, not the master of horror, i.e. he makes you hold it for an hour but you never have to watch the birds gauge out the poor neighbor’s eyes.

summary: our heroine, melanie daniels (the fabulous tippi hedren), is a brazen prankster who picks up our hero, mitch brenner (rod taylor), at the local bird shop while he is trying to buy some lovebirds.  they have instant chemistry, but, like all totally believable romancers, hate each other at first.  she then goes out of her way to bring the out-of-stock lovebirds to his mother’s home in bodega bay, ca, where he spends the weekends with his mother and young sister.  within her first few minutes in b.b., a seagull dives into melanie’s head.  and that’s where the trouble begins….

lesson 1: rich girls are pranksters(let’s just say that little melanie has made the gossip pages more than once with her antics; re: a photo of her prancing naked through a fountain in rome.  scandal!)

lesson 2: a thousand birds on your porch is scary as shit (see below)

lesson 3: despite the attempt to capitalize on their infamy, bodega bay is still on my top one hundred places to avoid

wikipedia: the birds