chuck: yes

  • plus: chuck is a total doll.  even though he sports that ridiculous hipster tie, he’s really endearing.  also, i’m already a fan of his sister and her boyfriend/husband “awesome” who doesn’t fall into the familiar trap of being the successful brother-in-law asshole.
  • minus: i totally do not believe that chuck is awkward with women.  even though the writers made an attempt at revealing an lingering obsession with an ex (jill), his first date with sarah (c.i.a. agent and all-around sexy badass) was so charming that it’s difficult to believe that he could be anything but adorable.



big bang theory: no show

  • plus: it’s nice to see johnny galecki on t.v.  it’s been a long time since roseanne.
  • minus: loverboy and i lasted about 15 minutes before we turned it off.



heroes: still waiting for the bomb

  • plus: my favorite show from last season is back!  i have been waiting for this all summer.
  • bonus: two new characters (maya and alejandro) are totally representin’ my people: yay latin america!
  • minus: i wasn’t satisfied with its return.  first, unlike the first season in which every episode provided a piece of the larger puzzle, this season’s premiere didn’t introduce any new information.  sure, mohinder and bennet are in cahoots to bring down “the corporation” and someone is trying to kill the older generation of heroes, but so what?  hiro in feudal japan is not nearly as interesting as hiro today, and peter’s amnesia seems like a cop-out.  it’s also no surprise that nathan and matt parkman each got divorced in the interim four months; their wives were barely characters and almost no drama can go more that one season without its protagonists falling in love.



family guy: always glad its tivo-ed

  • plus: we all like family guy and we all love star wars (if you don’t, we may have to break up).  put them together and you get a pretty good hour long special.
  • bonus: the exchange between chris (seth green) and peter (seth mcfarlane) about robot chicken = hilarious
  • minus: it’s hard to make a star wars remake that works
  • memorable wisdom:
    • did he say strap in or strapon?
    • f*** you, you son of a bitch!  what am i? r2-pac?


gossip girl: as my friends poshpants and still hot have already mentioned on their own lovely blogs, gg is like perez hilton without the guilt. 

  • plus: not only do you get to see hot rich people being hot and rich, but they’re also mean and manipulative, which is even better.  blaire (leighton meester) is both cute and bitchy in a way that displays a charisma that is believably fitting for a high school queen.  blake lively is perfect as serena: “the girl every boy wants and every girl wants to be.”  and chace crawford and penn badgley are two boys i would love to keep in my pocket.
  • minus: we’re still waiting for the writing to get better. also, chuck (ed westwick) is almost a little too creepy and the wardrobe people keep making blair looking like a forty-year-old character from alice in wonderland.



coming: the bionic woman, how i met your mother