i know i said that the how i met your mother and bionic woman posts were coming, but they didn’t and here’s why:

how i met your mother: would be even better if it wasn’t on monday night

the problem with how i met your mother is that it shows on mondays and, as evidenced below, my mondays are pretty booked with better, hour-long tv shows.  i am already totally addicted to chuck and if i don’t have time to watch heroes, i definitely don’t have time to watch how i met your mother.  that said, this is definitely my second favorite comedy (behind my boyfriend chuck).  doogie howser and the crew are just great and this is definitely a show that i look forward to every week.  like i said, the problem is that it’s on mondays and half and hour just doesn’t seem enough to satisfy me anymore.  plus, the office is an HOUR LONG right now and, you know, jim and pam are finally all up in each other’s business (literally and metaphorically).   either way, it’s a show i watch every week, it’s just not a show that i can’t wait to talk about every week.

bionic woman: i just don’t buy it

i don’t know what it is about michelle ryan, but i just don’t see her as a badass cyborg.  her face is just too cute.  also, as loverboy astutely pointed out, the show is way too violent and i really don’t like the fact that the previous bionic woman has crossed to the dark side.  why does she have to be bad?  (it’s so charlie’s angels: full throttle.)  michelle ryan looks tougher here than she does in the whole show:

final word: it’s going on the “lost/24: shows i don’t watch and am not going to start for no good reason other than the fact that i don’t dedicate my whole life to watching tv and am just not that interested in them anyway” list.  also on this list: buffy the vampire slayer and the sopranos.  yeah, i know, THE SOPRANOS???  seriously, i’m not that into the mafia or killing or new jersey (just kidding, loverboy), although i wholeheartedly approve of the journey’s “don’t stop believing” in the finale.   well soundtracked, sopranos!


   chuck: i’m in love

   heroes: still waiting

   gossip girl: so worth it

show i might secretly watch and not tell anyone:

   a shot at love with tila tequila  

also on this list: rock of love with bret michaels (except that i told everyone)