next week, loverboy, k-stead and i are all moving to a new apartment in the upper east side.  very posh.  k-stead and i are already auditioning each other for the roles of serena and blair (the totally fabulous ladies from gossip girl), although i think serena and i are really just too perfect of a match for k-stead to even have a chance.  i’m planning on only shopping at bloomies and bendel’s from now on and the dior fall line is already being delivered to my new place.  k-stead, i think, is waiting for the betsy johnson collection? 

last weekend i saw three movies and one new show.  (and you wonder why i don’t have time to call?)  i’ll be posting those very, very soon (like maybe later today).    

for my new identity as blogger, i’ve decided to start keeping up with the world around me.  my darling friend allyson, the pearl of my work day, has gotten me into all of these fantastic feminist websites that i’m sure everyone else already knows about (i know poshpants does because she posts from them all the time).  anywho, like i said, i just started paying attention, and now i have things to tell you.   

first, let’s tackle halloween.  as per a 2001 onion article, the only real costumes that we ladies can (and are supposed to be able to) pull off all begin with “sexy”.  in the years that i’ve tried to go as anything other than sexy ______, i’ve felt a very real disadvantage to my more scantily clad friends in the man department.  in fact, even loverboy’s favorite halloween costume was for a party in which he was flanked by two sexy prostitutes (no. 6 on the onion’s list).   luckily, this was pre-me.

but now they’ve gone too far.  feministing blogged today about a new set of costumes for little girls in which they, too, are being forced into the sexy category.  gross.  isn’t putting racy messages on their butts and chests enough?  my girls are all going to hasidic schools.  

also on feministing, i saw this cartoon: 


are you freaking kidding me?  my own mother is in her sixties, and let me tell you, she’s definitely still young and hot enough to get raped.  sick.  thanks feministers for being on the lookout for this kind of bs.