maybe you know me well, maybe you don’t.  maybe you know that i have the most cluttered apartment IN THE WORLD.  it’s just my nature.  but since my fabulous sister is here it’s been her mission to help me clean up my space, starting with paper. 

like a true arch nemesis, paper is responsible for almost all of the joy and pain in my life.  oh paper, how you torment me!  i love books and magazines and index cards and post-its.  i even make things out of paper:


but paper also has a dark side: MAIL.  what comes in the mail?  bills and notices and junk.  rarely — very, very rarely — something good will come in the mail like a birthday card or a check(!), and i’ve definitely tried my best to jazz it up by buying cool stamps and sending my own special suprises.  but overall, mail is a really negative thing in my life.  thankfully, k-stead is here to save the day.  she has helped me file and shred over three years of mail (yeah, three years).  so here it is, our second packing playlist, perfect for tearing it up and having a good time.

  1. the beatles, the ballad of john and yoko
  2. spoon, the way we get by
  3. franz ferdinand, take me out
  4. jet, are you gonna be my girl
  5. the white stripes, girl you have no faith in medicine
  6. the beatles, back in the ussr
  7. the killers, all these things that i’ve done
  8. the raconteurs, steady as she goes
  9. the kooks, she moves in her own way
  10. spoon, i turn my camera on
  11. franz ferdinand, this fire
  12. interpol, slow hands
  13. the beatles, get back