hello limited readership!

it is very late on the day after the day after christmas and i realize that i have totally stopped blogging for the past 2 months.  the move hindered my blogging efforts, but now i am back and ready to deserve your love. 

i have obviously entered the age at which all of my friends have now been infected with the immediate desire to get married.  here is a short list: sidey.com/kim; shivani/some dude; christina/some dude; loverboy’s sis/dave; a bunch of random people that have posted their engagement news all over facebook and on my newsfeed.  it’s true–i too have been bitten.  but for the record, i would like to say that i have been in a relationship FAR longer than any of my friends who have recently gotten engaged. here is proof:


this picture was taken exactly four years ago.  considering the intimacy of our shoes here, it is safe to say that we had already embarked on a serious and potentially permanent relationship.  ah, love.  my point is, however, that we’ve been together longer, so yeah, i get the bliss, bliss, kiss, kiss of the surprise engagement, but seriously, be cool.

i think that it goes without saying that the writer’s strike has severely affected my life.  i miss you, michael scott.

another facsinating development. i have just received my first ipod.  i’ll keep you updated.