Hello again, world.

I’ve decided to restart my blog, but I’ve also decided to keep it super secret and not tell any of my friends. Why? Well, if you know me (which, I have to admit, you probably don’t), you might know that I tend to get really obsessive about stupid crap like who’s reading my blog or who’s been making comments, etc. In fact, I got so obsessed with it the last time I typed here, that I had to just let it go… (If you know me, you also probably know that I’m really good at letting things go, both on purpose and through neglect.)

So why now?

I’m turning a new corner in my life (hooray!) in which I am going to be extremely introspective and do things like meditate and yoga all over the place. Okay, really that isn’t going to happen, but I’ve finally reached into the past and pulled out blogs (I seriously just got into them). So now I fancy myself a blogger. Yup. But I’m not going to tell anybody until I’ve been consistently blogging for at least three months. That’s my magic number. Can I do it?

There is another reason that has more to do with the ridiculous corner metaphor I used earlier. (Don’t I always tell my students to not use cliched metaphors? And yet, here we are.) I am going to be starting a fabulous new e-course in which I will learn all about myself. Hooray! I’ve always wanted to meet me.

More on the e-course on the way, but in case you’re interested, here’s the link: http://www.susannahconway.com/unravelling

Now I’m going to sign off in the most ridiculous way possible: Ciao!