As I said in my last entry (yes, earlier today), I’ve been interested in getting to know completely cryptic me. To do this, I’ve decided to participate in Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.

In this fabulous challenge, I will explore the great year that was 2009!

Today’s topic is: What was your best trip in 2009?

Um…this is quite hard, especially considering the myriad of times I’ve been to Syracuse this year.

But really, the absolute best trip of 2009? Yikes. Clearly I’ve done some good travel this year. Let’s recap the top three:

3. Omaha

Seriously, Omaha is up and coming. I was totally impressed. I had some decent food, I got a cool t-shirt, I went to a nice museum, I got ideas for Valentines 2010 (so close!). If you’re in there and want to know how or where I experienced these Nebraska miracles, here’s a list of Omaha coolness:

  • The Old Market: Hang out there all of your days in the ‘Ha. Good shopping, good music, the best food in Omaha.
  • The Durham Museum: Kind of kitschy, but in a great middle state way. Trains! They also had the Smithsonian Letterpress exhibit which was pretty awesome (even if a little pre-fab).
  • The Joslyn Art Museum: This museum was built by Sarah Joslyn as a tribute to her late husband and their shared interests in art and music. Go for the building, stay for the art.

2. Cork

O Ireland! Land of other people’s heritage! I think my grandmother claims some kind of Irish-ness, but in general, I’m not Irish. Ireland didn’t feel like a lost home or a place where I belonged. Frankly, it was really wet and dangerously cold. More importantly, my friend Beans (who is currently on assignment there, hence my visit) had no water due to recent flooding. For reals. NO WATER. We seriously had to shower at a “nearby” (read: 20 minute bus ride) “Leisure Center”. Btw, the Irish don’t like when you call if Lee-sure in your very American way; it’s leh-sure.

Despite our ridiculously unmet need to shower, I had a fabulous time. Beans is awesome. Obviously–why else would I travel for 18 hours to spend 2 1/2 days with someone who was only so-so? Second, I had someone to keep me company:

I’m certainly not a “Twilighter” but who doesn’t want to watch a little werewolf/vampire throwdown?

Of course, Ireland was beautiful as well, with green hills and cuteness all around. My one piece of advice: eat at Shanghai Express in Kinsale. Delicious.

1. Vienna! Budapest!

Obviously J and my high culture Eastern European adventure was going to win. What was great about it? Can I say everything?

Vienna and Budapest are just cool cities. Isn’t that enough?

Since you can see hundreds of pictures of both of these places on the web, here are two that are particular to our trip.

Hello villain of my youth! I have no idea why I think this picture is so cool, but it definitely gave Budapest (or really just Pest) an edge. I also got a bunny bag there. It’s kind of amazing, and I actually went back to the store to get it, where I then had to explain to the very nice shopgirl that I would pay the difference if she would take my cheaper bag back. That was a very difficult concept to get across–she really thought I was trying to just do a trade. Of course I would not even think about not paying full price for that fabulous bunny bag! It was worth it!

As I say goodbye to today’s post, I’ll leave you with greenapril adorableness: