What is a restaurant moment?

Okay, well, there are at least two that I would have to say stand out in my mind (though honestly they only stand out because I’m currently thinking about this particular topic).

(a) Our anniversary at The Modern where J and I go every year. It’s always sooooo delicious.

(b) Dinner my first night in Cork at Boqueria, a tapas restaurant/wine bar/pub. (Isn’t everything in Ireland a pub?) Beans and I were very careful not to eat any Irish food while we were there (sorry Ireland, you’re just not known for the culinary aspects of your culture). But Boqueria was all kinds of yummy. Here are some extremely flattering pictures of me trying to eat soft-boiled quail eggs. (Eat the quail eggs!)

Really, though, I think this might be my favorite restaurant moment simply because it’s the only one I have pictures of… [Thanks Beans for being so dedicated to chronicling our adventures, however mundane.]

On a more ridiculous note–though I’m not sure you can get any more ridiculous than trying to peel and eat quail eggs–Gwen Bell’s blog today mentioned that the posts she reads will be mentioned on her Delicious links and that she’ll tweet “some of the strongest pieces” she’s read.

OK…I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t use Delicious, so is it wrong for me to be completely competitive about the fact that I’m not listed? Yes. But am I still competitive even though I know perfectly well that I’m being completely illogical because I haven’t told anyone that I’m blogging again, or because this blog is really “just for me”, etc.? YES! Of course I want my *special* blog to be there. But seriously greenapril, it’s not, and that’s totally okay.

Btw, is it wrong for me to just now be into “Empire State of Mind”? Am I 2 old 2 luv pop music? Clearly.  I couldn’t even deal with un-capitalizing the “I” in that feeble and pathetic attempt at “txt speak”. Embarrassing.

Also, for real, is this not kind of amazing?

I’m usually not so into Shakira’s robot-salsa-belly dance. But, damn. The girl’s got skillz here.