I’ve been a bit behind on the whole “Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.” Oops.

I’ll be honest: most of the categories aren’t really my thing. Best Moment of Peace of 2009? Best Workshop or Conference of 2009? I don’t know, I guess I’m not so peaceful and if I’m at a conference it’s because I’m presenting (and no, not usually in a cool, major presenter kind of way).

But Best Album of 2009? Oh, yeah.

I have two picks for best of 2009, and neither one is particularly “indie” or exciting or even mildly surprising. They’re both just great albums, ya dig?

  1. It’s Blitz! by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I have never really been a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan, but J DVRs Saturday Night Live every weekend, and there I came across the totally fabulous Karen O singing “Hysteric” and doing this little hand move and it was a whole new Yeah. I’ve been listening to the album ever since.
  2. Technicolor Health by the Harlem Shakes. I totally have a crush on this album. It’s just really good. I don’t remember why I got this album or where I heard about them, but I’ve listened to every song about a bazillion times. (I would give you an exact count from iTunes, but my new computer would only be able to give me that information from July onward–not good enough!).

In New York there’s a lot of pressure to out-hipster everyone else…

[Tangent: I was on the L-train (aka. “the hipster express” if you’re not from NYC) coming back into Manhattan and at the Bedford stop at least a hundred hipsters got on. I’m know I’m kind of a granny, but it was 1:30 in the morning. Isn’t that kind of late to be going out? Shouldn’t you be coming back in? Anyway, these peeps were all trying to out hip each other: there was at least one guy with a Flock of Seagulls haircut. Clearly I’ve missed something, but isn’t that the marker of bad 80’s instead of good, ironic 80’s? Anyway, the best part of it was that they were all taking pictures of each other. For real. K-stead says its because they were all secretly laughing about how hipster everyone else was. I guess that’s true, but the whole thing seemed like a big we’re-all-so-cool-and-interesting-and-ironic party. I was seriously on the verge of puking…that is, until some actually did.]

…and so at first I thought about my growing readership (are we almost to one hand now?) and whether I should try to put down something less obvious and more obscure. But then I realized that to do that would be diminishing the fact that these were in fact my two favorite albums of the year. And so I rebelled against that very New York tendency to out-cool, and went my own (albeit totally cliched) way.

Hooray! I’ve fought and won against peer pressure as an adult! I’m finally reaching the maturity of my own age!