Lately I’ve been completely obsessed with design and inspiration blogs. Why? Who knows. It’s my obsession du jour. Next week it’ll be frog blogs.

If you know me well enough to have visited my home, you probably know something that I’m terribly ashamed of: I’m probably the messiest person in the world.

I’m so messy that a condition of J and I getting married was that we hire a housekeeper. Yup. I’m really messy.

That said, I love to look at neat rooms. But not neat in the Scandanavian/German/Japanese way where a hair on the carpet would be an anomaly. I like rooms that are real-life neat. A room someone like me might have some day.

Here’s what I’ve found this week:

Hilary Botein's Apt featured in the NY Times

I am in LOVE with that backsplash* (a Maharam fabric called Fragment). And I love that she’s a professor and has a million books of all different shapes, colors, and sizes. That’s a real bookshelf. Also check out the pine lining.

By the way, do you see that tiny little monitor towards the left? That’s the television. About 12 of those could fit into our TV monstrosity (not that I haven’t grown to love it).

Found on Desire to Inspire

I can’t help but love floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, especially when the books are kind of crammed in every which-way.

Found on Delikatissen

The title of the post where I saw this picture on Delikatissen is “Solo para chicas” (just for girls), though I’m not sure why that is. Sure there’s a little bit of pastel, but if you switched pink with blue, I’m sure this could be a nice room for boys too, don’t you think?

Anyway, I am of course enamored with the wall over the fireplace. If I was a better photographer (and not so fickle about which photos I like) I would absolutely do this in my office. Of over my television. Or some other totally cool place in my home.

Also, do you see the art books everywhere (even on the windowsill)? Don’t you love it?

Diane Keaton's house found in the NY Times

Okay. I’m trying not to freak out, but apparently Diane Keaton (who, frankly–though beautiful and talented–I’ve always thought to be kind of a flake) has exactly my taste in homes. She lives in a Spanish colonial–my dream home–in Beverly Hills that she renovated with her friend, designer Stephen Shadley.

To say the least, it’s gorgeous. (Check out the slideshow at Architecural Digest.)

And this is just the entryway.


OMG, I know that you’re probably totally freaking out because I haven’t vocabu-cised our mutual brain for a while. But don’t worry: as soon as I have time to write at least two posts a week, it will be back. Hang tight.


PS: I just learned that word: “backsplash.” I’m really searching for my inner designer. I think she might be in here under the “future novelist” and “indie rockstar” pile.