This week we’re doing some spring cleaning!

We’re making some big changes in our home over the next seven days, and I’m so excited to share them with you when they’re finished.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I hate to clean, but luckily, I have the perfect spring cleaning music: She & Him, Volume 2, and The Bird and the Bee’s tribute to Hall and Oates.

I love these rooms because they’re just the perfect amount of colorful, bright, eclectic, and (a little bit) messy. This is the messy to which I aspire!

Lyell via Lola is Beauty

Bernadette Kelly’s workshop, found in Ensuite via 2 or 3 things

Ensuite via 2 or 3 things

Elisabeth Dunker via somebody else but I don’t remember whom!

These last two by Elisabeth Dunker are not really very messy, but I like them anyway.

And check out McNally Jackson‘s new look (via Re-nest):

Maybe J will let me do this to our ceiling…

But I’m not sure I could give up that many books.