I have found that if you read enough of the same kind of blog, you will start to notice small blog-splosions: all of a sudden everyone starts to blog about the same person, place or thing. A couple of weeks ago Emersonmade was all the rage.

Emerson is primarily a designer of wearable flowers. This is a picture of her (what a doll):

Big Poppy by Emersonmade

Snow White Dahlia by Emersonmade, via The Bright Side Project

Very pretty.  (And I love those red nails.)

Sidebar: I don’t often wear detachable flowers on my clothing because they remind me too much of high school football games. If you add a few ribbons, whistles, and my name in sparkly letters, you might as well be going to Homecoming. (Did you grow up in the South? If you did, you know exactly what I’m talking about.) But I do think these are rather lovely.

The thing that’s really got people talking, though, is her home. And on this I’m 100% with you.

Why do blue and wood go so well together? I love this blue couch, and the glass lamp with the blue lampshade. It makes me want to switch out the lampshades on our brand new Jonathan Adler bedside lamps, even though they’re already so perfect.

I love fireplaces — probably because I live in Manhattan and will never have one. They seem so warm (literally) and homey, and, like books, they give a room character all by themselves.

I also love this long kitchen table. In my future life I will have friends for dinner all the time — or enough kids that we’ll need this kind of table. (Of course I’ll need to learn how to cook, and have a room with enough space for this table, and have enough time to entertain…) I will also need to buy a runner with someone important family member’s initials so that it looks this heritage-y.

all images via Design Sponge

This is her pantry. My pantry is stuffed with bags and cans and a million cereal boxes (because I won’t eat the last bit of cereal in a box, but of course I don’t throw it away because that would be wasteful!). Hers is this neat because it’s mostly unrefined ingredients: she doesn’t eat sugar, flour, or processed foods.

In sum, this is exactly what I want my own future sea-side New Hampshire home to look like.

Until then, I’m definitely going shopping for those lampshades.