My birthday is less than a month away!

I am one of those people who L O V E S their birthday. I look forward to it all year. I also firmly believe that it’s the best day of the year, situated at the perfect, most beautiful time of the spring. I can imagine no better date for a birthday!

So, in honor of my upcoming birthday, I will be posting a few things that you — my limited but loyal readership — can send me. (Start saving!)

Here are my picks for this week:

The Kurven chair by Cody Stonerock

via Contemporist

This chair was designed by Cody Stonerock, an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnatti. It’s supposed to be easy to take apart, or clean, or something, but let’s be honest, all I care about is looks.

I also want his Tao Tea Kettle:


This kettle is actually two kettles held together by magnets that sit on the same stove top. Finally! J always wants black tea in the morning, and I always want white… It’s the “Ebony and Ivory” problem all over again. Now we really can live in perfect harmony!

Birds on a Wire by Kevin Busta:

via NY Times

Wouldn’t this look great hanging in my apartment?

The blueprints in the back are from a defunct factory in Medina, Ohio near Busta’s boyhood home.

It’s part of a limited edition of 5. Call now!

Salvaged Walnut slab coffee table in a mid century style by jrustenfurniture:

via jrustenfurniture (but thanks to Design Mom for introducing me to this gorgeous shop)

I don’t know if we’ll ever replace our totally fab Ikea coffee table (ha!) but I would love to exchange it with this! Alas…I think the fact that it’s 56 inches long might not quite be compatible with our little Manhattan-sized apartment.

So these are this week’s birthday picks.

Like I said, start saving.


By the way, in case I sounded flippant with my ebony/ivory joke before, for the record I would like to state that I in no way find racial conflict funny.

And I don’t really expect you to buy me a present, though I wouldn’t send it back if you did.

Salvaged Walnut slab coffee table in a mid century style