Today is my last day of being 30 years old.

Inspired by Kate of The Goodie Life’s “Love Letter to my 20’s”, I’ve decided to write to this past year.

Dear 30,

Where did you go? You flew by before I even got a chance to get to know you!

I thought you were going to be something really momentous, something that might traumatize me for a long time to come, but really, other that having a big three in front of my age instead of a little 2, you were all right. Not too grouchy, not too wild or sad. (Though I might have preferred you to be bit more decisive.)

Here are nine reasons that you were wonderful (in no particular order):

1. Wally. There is no better puppy. He is the BEST.

2. Vienna and Budapest with my husband // Finding my fantastic Aquanauta bunny bag at Fregoli in Budapest // Our first anniversary (him surprising me with beautiful aquamarine earrings and matching ring)

3. Visiting Beans in Ireland – my first time to the Emerald Isle.

Blarney Castle

4. Christmas in New York with my family

5. My murder mystery party for my 30th birthday

6. Getting to see A Streetcar Named Desire with Cate Blanchett.

7. Revisiting my darling London with my darling husband.

8. Yoga with my sister (and Sister Saturdays)

9. Blogging again. And finding a bunch of blogs that I look forward to reading every day.

In all, you’ve been a nice year. Calm and quiet in the good way. Lots of trips, lots of great food. Thanks for everything. I know you’ll be heading over to visit some other folks this year, and I hope you’ll treat them well.



PS: Tomorrow I’ll be 31. I’m not sure I’m ready, but here it comes anyway.