I was super excited to hear that Jonathan Adler was going to be designing a line for 7 for All Mankind. I love his work, especially these ram’s head lamps which I’ve been coveting for ages:

Ram's Head Lamp

Jonathan Adler Ram's Head Lamp in Black

Who wouldn’t want a pair of these in black or white on their living room end tables? (We don’t have them, but we do have the absolutely divine Claridge Teardrop Lamps on our nightstands.)

So I was really psyched to check out the collection at the 7 for All Mankind store on 5th Avenue.

Um, maybe I should have checked online first, because I assumed there would be more than five items there.

And worse, two of those allotted items were wasted on jeans and a white polo! Why Jonathan?

I can get a decent white polo anywhere (including Old Navy, btw).

There were two cute items in his collection though. The first one is this little v-neck t-shirt with a tangerine scarf (that actually buttons into the back of the collar—nifty).

Rustic Short Sleeve T-shirt with Acapulco Print Silk Scarf

Rustic Short Sleeve T-shirt with Acapulco Print Silk Scarf

The second—my very favorite thing in the whole collection—was this fab shirt for men:

Rustic Western Shirt in Tangerine Gingham

Rustic Western Shirt in Tangerine Gingham

Thanks to Lake Jane I have confirmed that gingham is sooo in right now. And I love that tangerine!

(Was it cheesy for me to put that word in the right color? I thought it might be…)

I just wish that that shirt came in a girl’s cut. Sigh.

But the trip wasn’t a total loss as I discovered a new love for the color tangerine. And in honor of that love, here is a First Aid Kit performing “Tangerine” at SXSW this year.