There are a million bloggers out there who post about fashion, and I definitely benefit from their expertise. But at heart I’m really just a casual girl, and if I could rock a t-shirt and a cardigan everyday, and make it look professional (or at least not like I was trying too hard to have “a style”), I would, ’cause I love t-shirts.

So here’s a shout out to all my casual peeps in the form of a new weekly feature: T-shirt Tuesdays. Word up.

* * * * * * *

In the compact world of my favorite t-shirt companies, Gnome Enterprises is Asia (or maybe the Americas–whichever is bigger). Their designs are contemporary without being redundant. And they’ve mastered the art of matching design to shirt color, which I thoroughly appreciate since it seems that most people think that any design can exist on any color t-shirt. (That might be true for “I heart NY” shirts, but it’s definitely not true for everybody.) Check out their website and Etsy shop.

I have been lusting after this owl for months:

Headphones Owl TeeAnd when I saw their booth at Renegade, the t-shirt looked so darn cool I couldn’t resist getting one for myself. They also had this brand new design as part of their Spring collection:

Fox TeeObviously, I couldn’t resist getting it for J since it reminded me so much of this little dude:

Wally(Sometimes J and I play a little game where we count every time we hear someone say the word “fox” when we’re taking Wally for a walk. I think my record is 15. But I don’t blame them, he really does look like a fox…)

Are you a t-shirt person? If you know a line I should blog about, hook me up by leaving a comment.