Wish you could've hung out longerI love this print by Raw Toast Design, even though it makes me a little sad (as do all anthropomorphized obsolete objects).

You can also get it on a t-shirt:

Raw Toast T-shirt

In honor of this print, I would like to take a minute to countdown my all-time favorite cassette tapes:

5:  Janet. by Janet Jackson (that’s just the way love goes)

4:  I Will Always Love You (single) by Whitney Houston (I sat on my sister until she admitted that she had gotten me this for Christmas when I was around 13—she was 8 )

3:  A Sesame Street Christmas by various muppets and some humans (plan to turn it into a CD and play it for my own kids one day)

2:  Heart in Motion by Amy Grant (still know every word—just checked)

1: Erika Rocks (the album I put out when I was about 7 years old, with my sister on the Casio. We later came out with a second album: Cock-a-doodle-do, I Love You, but it just wasn’t as good.)

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