Circular Library by David Garcia Studio

Circular Library by David Garcia Studio (found on i heart wood)

What are you up to this weekend?

I am in hot hot hot Texas visiting my family. The whole fam is here together (even Wally!) for a few days. Hooray!

Here’s some cool stuff I found this week:

Project 33 is a very cool (and specific) blog by Jive Time Records that catalogs “vintage record jackets that convey their message with simple shapes like the dot.” Strangely fascinating and a little hypnotic.

Did you read Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg? (You should have, it’s about his teenaged daughter’s collapse into insanity and the only memoir I’ve ever been able to finish.) Well, great news! He’s started a new column in Bookforum called The Accidentalist. It promises to be all sorts of great.

A cheeky little summary of why you should go to Iceland (where I’m going this summer!) by Suzanne Harrison.

Check this out: my friend Ryan was interviewed on BTTV (Better Than the Van). How cool is that? (When you’re done reading the interview, take a look at Ryan’s blog and get a copy of his latest book.)

Here’s some cool stuff I found on other people’s blogs (and tweets):

Averill from Odi et Amo walked me through the micro-trends sweeping the design world these days. Thanks for keeping me in the loop! But I think she may have forgotten to include antlers (or is that just an old trend?) (on From the Right Bank…)

Did you see this wedding invitation? It’s a 20 page comic book-style invitation drawn by the groom, Giles Timms. It’s so cool you can buy it. (@designsponge)

Kate from The Fabric of My Life is always introducing me to artists I should know. This week, she’s featured some stunning photos by Bryan Schutmaat.

I love polka dots in the summertime, especially around the 4th of July! (Lox Papers)

I am wondering when I will have a house big enough to own that circular library (picture above) by David Garcia Studio. When I am that wealthy, I will also be able to afford these totally rad wooden business cards by Cody Maple. (on i heart wood)

Last, but certainly not least, this World Cup ad by Adidas combines many of my interests: soccer (sort of), Star Wars (definitely), and Snoop Dogg (who isn’t interested in the d-o-double g?)

May the force be with you (this weekend).

Update: I wrote this post before I came to Texas, and on Thursday morning the above Adidas ad was on the cover of the Houston Chronicle. Weird.