June is apparently Music Monday Mail Month because I heard “Please, Mr. Postman” a few weeks ago at Pies ‘n Thighs while eating waffles and fried chicken. (Yum.) As soon as the song came on, I started singing along (obviously), and when I looked up (before that point I was singing a really special solo to my sister), the girl at the next table was facing me and singing at the same time. Oh, awkward moments…how you make my life a little more entertaining. (Btw, a total stranger catching you singing is just “goofy” or, at most, “funny.” To be “awkward,” it really has to be both of you singing, and as you notice the other person singing you also have to be looking at each other in the eye. That’s the key to total embarrassment.)

Non-awkward, completely natural segue: Did you know that the Marvelettes were Motown’s first successful female group? They were discovered at the Inkster High School Talent Show (in Inkster, Michigan, of course) where they won a chance to audition for Motown!

I love their choreography—although my favorite part is the bespectacled white guys in the front row who take a few minutes to match their clapping to the beat.

As an added Music Monday bonus, here is a really funny version by the Beatles.