These days people are all about bike riding. And about telling other people how all about bike riding they are.

I don’t own a bike. But recently my sister made me ride a bike from LIC to Williamsburg (a grueling 4.9 mile ride…but only treacherous for the truly out of shape). And you know what? Besides not being able to actually get onto the bike, and the fear stopping / falling off the bike / running someone over before I could stop, it was really fun. (But not so fun that I would risk my life riding around Manhattan like those crazy messengers and delivery people.)

Resolved: When I leave Manhattan, I will definitely get a bike.

To celebrate that resolution (and the fact that the 4-inch bruise on my shin from falling off the bike is finally going away), here are some blue bicycle t-shirts by Lofty Mornings.

Bicycle Quote T-shirt

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." - JFK

Three Bikes

Three Bikes T-shirt

This t-shirt doesn’t have a bike it in, but it’s blue and I like it.

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk T-shirt

(I totally dig those shoes, btw.)