Open Letter Books is a publishing house that exclusively sells books in translation. They also have a blog called Three Percent where they review other people’s books in translation (you might have seen the link to your right under Books // Readers).

But the best thing about them—besides that whole awesomely fantastic and extremely rare commitment to making sure English-speaking readers have access to the best literature the world has to offer—is that they have great covers:

Gasoline The Taker

To Hell with Cronje Klausen

Zone Rupert: A Confession

The cover design here is so clean it makes me want to buy them all and display them prominently in my home.

More importantly, I’ll definitely look cool reading them on the subway.

* Read more about Open Letter Books in this article from the NY Times, but be prepared to hate their editor: he’s only 34. I am completely jealous of hate him.