Storm King Wall

Storm King Wall by Andy Goldsworthy

Stream: A Folded Drawing

Stream: A Folded Drawing by Stephen Talasnik

What are you doing this weekend?

J and I are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to visit Storm King Art Center with some friends this Saturday. (I’ll be sure to take my camera!)

So, was it just me or was the blogosphere brimming with cool stuff this week? Nice work everyone!

Here’s some cool stuff I found this week:

Do you know about The Johnny Cash Project? People all over the world contribute their own versions of frames from Johnny Cash videos (right now they’re working on “There Ain’t No Grave”). You’ve got to see it to really get it, but it’s seriously amazing.

They Draw and Cook just made looking at a recipe a whole lot more interesting. Artists, illustrators, and designers submit recipe art (?) which both teaches you a new recipe and looks pretty. I can’t wait to try Geninne Zlatkis’s Salsa Verde.

Who else is going out to the In God We Trust Greenpoint Backyard Bazaar this summer? They’re hosting Brooklyn-based designers and artisans in the backyard of their flagship store. (Find their blog here.)

Please, please someone publish Victoria Stitch. I would love for my future kids to have a decent copy of this gorgeous book!

Here’s some cool stuff I found on other people’s blogs (and tweets):

CitID is a phenomenal project dedicated to ensuring that every city in the world has a logo that introduces it to the world. My faves are Raleigh, Bogotá, and Yogyakarta. (@amyheartsny)

A collection of beautiful and somewhat frightening photographs by Phyllis Galembo depicting traditional religious and ritualistic clothing from all over the world. (via 2 or 3 things)

“Kristy + Adam” have just designed me and J’s perfect wedding invitation with books. Too bad it’s about two years too late… (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

These travel bags from Pedlar’s are kitschy enough to be totally awesome…especially on a guitar. (via Oh Joy!)

Who would like to receive this Postcup from Bailey Doesn’t Bark in the mail from me? I’m dying to get it but we already have excellent mugs at home. (via The Fabric of my Life)

Have a fabulous weekend!