books in trees

Books in Trees by Brooke Holm

What are you up to this weekend?

J and I have some big laundry and mopping plans, but mostly we’re planning to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend, which is always very, very nice.

Here’s some cool stuff I found this week:

While J is enthralled in World Cup action, I might head back over to McCarren Park to check out the Artists and Fleas Market for emerging designers. Maybe I can convince Wally to get into his little travel bag and come with me.

Somebody climbed up a stoplight to leave Brooklyn some books. I guess they thought that Dances with Wolves is better in traffic.

I’ve found that summer moves people to make lists. Here are two exciting summer round-ups: the 25 best albums from 2010 so far, and for my dad, the top 5 classical music summer reads.

Here’s some cool stuff I found on other people’s blogs (and tweets):

As I am always forming my next Christmukkah list, it great when I run into a shop like applechampagne that has a lot of cute little things (including a Texas necklace!!) to add. (via shrimp salad circus)

One of my Pinterest boards is “toys for my future children.” This bowling set from Little Sapling Toys definitely makes the cut. They also have the most awesome set of teething toys  that I’ve every seen.* (via poppy & leo)

Lovely and FREE Twitter backgrounds from Ollibird make me so happy. (via @SassySmolak)

My dream has come true: you can now get Alfred Hitchcock’s face on a pillow! (from Regan’s Brain via Rare Bird Finds)

Three words: book. shelf. porn. How did I not know about this blog until this week? (thank you @designcrush)

*Did I just blog about cool teething toys? Damn you, biological clock!