I don’t have much of an introduction to make for Xenotees, except that they make some pretty rad t-shirts. Oh, and their designs are available on more than just t-shirts, which is always good. (Who doesn’t like options?)

The French Romantic poet Gérard de Nerval used to have a pet lobster named Thibault which he used to lead around with a silk ribbon. He said, «J’ai le goût des homards, qui sont tranquilles, sérieux, savent les secrets de la mer, n’aboient pas…» which means “I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark…”

That kind of comment is definitely deserving of a t-shirt.

French Pet Lobster Shirt

And in case you want to justify your own pet lobster, but don’t want to wear the same shirt everyday, you can also get this design on a locket by Polarity.

Xenotees Recycled Magnetic Locket Set

For all you foodies, here’s a lucky fork. Because we all know that it’s good luck to wear cutlery.

Giant Fork Shirt

Even though I like that yellow fork t-shirt, I LOVE this four fork scarf. Something about the stripes and the forks really speaks to me…and my intense love of both stripes and eating.

Giant Forks Scarf

Disclaimer: I do not actually think that lobsters make the best pets, because clearly there can be only one best pet, and that is Wally.