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Poppytalk Summer Colours Week

Hello friends. Do you have any exciting 4th of July plans?

J and I are traveling to Philly to attend the wedding of two very close friends. J’s a groomsman, so I’m secretly hoping for some alone time to shoot some photos around town (and maybe finish this book that I’ve been chipping at for weeks).

Here’s some cool stuff I found this week:

I’ve been loving Poppytalk‘s Summer Colours* Week. Especially the day they did yellow. And I really like that photo in the top row second from the left. By somebody whose Flickr name is greenapril27…. (Though in all honesty, I think my favorite day so far was yesterday’s Canada Day celebration—it’s hard to beat red and white.)

I’m always a fan of free music, especially when it’s good. Enter the Flavorpill Mixtape XXXII.

Flavorpill also had me is giggles with their list of 10 movies hipsters need to get over.

Great news: Teddy Wayne says everything in the world is now vampire related.

The LA Times wants you to read Anna Karenina all summer; The Millions wants you to cleanse your pallet after you finish.

Montague Projects posts graphically inspiring book covers every day: swoon. (via Seesaw)

Please reserve 10 minutes of your day to watch this extremely worthwhile video on how to be popular. It will seriously change your life if it’s 1947 and you are in high school. Spoiler alert: girls who park in cars with boys are not really popular. Uh oh. (Also, one of the guys is named *Wally*) (via Public School)

Here’s some cool stuff people make:

Jason Kinney makes beautiful scarves (via Lake Jane).

Mia Liu makes amazing ticket art (via Happiness Is…).

Micah Max makes awesome posters (via Twig & Thistle).

Emma Leonard paints dreamy watercolors (via The Neo-Traditionalist).

Foundling makes adorable jewelry (via Green & Pretty).

Have a great weekend!

*I had to spell colors with a u because they’re Canadian. Oh, Canada.