This was a very eventful weekend! Two of our friends got married, and two more got engaged!

Plus, today is my parents-in-law’s 40 anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Since July seems to be the new month of love (sorry February), I’m dedicating his month to love songs.

Of course, the first song will have to be my in-laws’, “Cherish” by The Association.

My favorite part of this video are all the people looking pretty bored at the beginning. Either they just didn’t have enough footage of people singing along or tapping their feet, or the auditorium was so unbelievably hot that every person in the audience was fanning herself. Since even the later shots of people showed them with those paper fans, my inclination is toward the latter.

I also have to at least mention those amazing special effects that seemed exclusively focused on the drums. Those are exactly the kind of effects more people should be using these days. Excellent.

On the topic of love, here is a fabulous pick-up line I heard this weekend from someone at the wedding.

Context: My friend was at the grocery store and a man walks up to take a look in her basket…

I see you have eggs. How do you like them in the morning? Scrambled? Poached? Or fertilized?

Uh huh. And she brought him to the wedding.*

Have a wonderful Music Monday. xoxo (and this month I’m not writing that ironically)

*Okay, obviously not. Gross. Clearly that pick-up line did not work or her or any other intelligent woman or man in the known universe. I repeat: gross.