As I mentioned last week, Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus has organized the “Get Perspective Project“: a project where she gives contributors a word or phrase, and everyone can contribute one photo to the pool.

Structure can really spur creativity (just ask the 17th century French dramatists), and I was really amazed at the diversity of the submissions for the word “gone.” Below are a few of the ones I took for the project, and below those are my favorites of the ones submitted to the pool.



Empty Storefront

9/11 Memorial(This last photo was my contribution.)

These are my favorite photos from the group:

Ice Cream PieGone by Kelly from The Pretty Bee

Lenin is GoneLenin is Gone by Gali from Where is Gali(nette)?

Niagara FallsGone by Crystal from The House of Hearts

You can see Lindsay’s favorites here.