Over It

Over It

What are you doing this weekend?

My parents are in town from Texas this week! Hurray! Though it does mean that I’ll be part of the swaying mass of tourists at the Met, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square….

I hope you enjoyed my little photo projects this weekend. It’s been great having so many new people visit, and it’s been even better to discover some new blogs to add to my daily reads!

Here’s some cool stuff to read:

Elif Batuman just sat through a 12-hour retelling of Dostoevsky’s Demons in Italian, which she calls a “blind date.” I would love to have a blind date with Dostoevsky, as long as we met in a well-lit and populous area with plenty of cops around…

My admiration for Flavorwire continues to grow. Two articles you can’t miss are “10 Literary Ladies in Desperate Need of a Gay Friend” and “Which Dystopian Future is Right for You?

If I were slightly more talented with Photoshop, I would definitely enter this contest from Uppercase asking you design a book cover about yourself. Since I’m not, you should (by August 23).

I like blog games, but I don’t think I’ve been writing long enough for this one (even though it sounds exactly like the kind of thing I would do): check out the 7-link challenge. (via Susannah Conway)

Here’s some cool stuff to see:

There is a fascinating art experiment happening in Portland that you’ve got to see (if you live in Portland). It’s called “Over It,” and it’s made of giant type using 14.2 miles of string outlining 25 letters on 2,500 eyelets strung by hand.I don’t know what else to say about it except that it’s pretty inspiring. (via Poppytalk)

Amy at M-Dashing and Kellie at 74 Lime Lane were kind enough to introduce me to two new artists: Alex Wijnen and Treasure Frey (both women). One is a little cute, the other is not, but they’re both women I’m glad to know.

As I mentioned the other day (and above), I really enjoyed doing the Alphabet Walk this week! There were a lot of great posts, but here are my favorites from each day this week.

Monday (A-E): Much Love Illy with the letter B and a theme of City Blues

Tuesday (F-J): Jardino with the letter J and photos taken at Hout’s Bay Harbour in Cape Town

Wednesday (K-O): Tie! The Maddy Chronicles with the letter M and Sweet Eventide with the letter O

Thursday (P-T): Tie! Brown Boots with the letter Q and photos of summer and 74 Lime Lane with the letter S and photos of the playground

Friday (U-Z): I’ll post my today’s favorite as soon as I finish looking at all the new posts!

Special Mention – Favorite Photo: George’s Tummy by GnomeAngel

Special Mention – Best Headers: I Spy and Izilla the Terrible

Have a wonderful weekend! If you have a chance, check back here on Sunday for a new feature: 2 Gigs / 1 Artist.