I really expected a business called Pinecone + Chickadee to have cute t-shirts showing flowers and bunnies.

I love when I’m pleasantly surprised.

Pinecone + Chickadee is a collaboration between husband and wife team Amy Teh and Noah DeFilippis who left NYC and ran away to coastal Maine to make t-shirts and cards (i.e. my dream).

And instead of cutey-patooty Bambi t-shirts, they make cutey-patooty monster and robot t-shirts. Love it.

Plant T-shirt

Wolf Hug



I love all of these, but again, what’s with not having all of the designs available for both men and women? I think my hubs would definitely like a Wolf Hug shirt, and you better believe that I would love a Robot Dinner tee.

Oh, well. At least they’re trying to appease me with this unisex broccoli tote bag:


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