This is the last Monday in July, and thus the last day of my July love special.

I think Midnight Train to Georgia is one of the most romantic songs I know. Of course, is getting on a midnight train with someone ever not romantic?

I also appreciate the fact that this woman is standing by her guy even though his dream of being a star didn’t come true. That’s commitment to the man and not the money (though I’m pretty sure that Gladys had plenty of cash coming in for the both of them).

Love those dance moves, Pips.

Happy Music Monday everyone.


I’m going on vacation next month and need a few guest bloggers. Anybody interested?

I’m looking for posts on any of the following topics:

  • up and coming artists who have a shop (if you’re an artist who wants to show your work, that works too)
  • graphic designers who make cool posters or book covers
  • t-shirts
  • interior design or rooms with a theme
  • any other topic that might fit with greenapril

Email me at hello [ a t ] greenapril [ d o t ] net.