I’m having trouble selecting which of Hollie Chastain‘s fabulous collages to showcase here.

By now I’m sure you know that I’m a fan of artists who use old paper and books. But what I really love about Hollie’s work is the way that she translates action and thought into color, and that the colors produced by humanity are also a bit beyond our perception. Take a look.

Gilbertville Public Library IGilbertville Public Library I

Found Her VoiceFound Her Voice



Adalyn's Party Trick 2Adalyn’s Party Trick 2

Hollie Chastain: Blog / Shop / Flickr / Website (undergoing renovation)


I’m going on vacation next month and need a few guest bloggers. Anybody interested?

I’m looking for posts on any of the following topics:

  • up and coming artists who have a shop (if you’re an artist who wants to show your work, that works too)
  • graphic designers who make cool posters or book covers
  • t-shirts
  • interior design or rooms with a theme
  • any other topic that might fit with greenapril

Email me at hello [ a t ] greenapril [ d o t ] net.