A few weeks ago, Mel (of You Are My Fave fame) posted about Laura Lombardi‘s spectacular geometric jewelry.

Small Sphere Necklace

 Brass Trapezoid Necklace

Awesome, I know.

But when I went to add that sphere necklace to my Etsy favorites, I realized that I had a little collection of rad geometric jewelry of my own. So, as an extension to the work that Mel has already done for us, here are a few more pieces from different designers to add to your jewelry box.

Bigish faceted sequin necklace

Double Pyramid Necklace

 Little Rec

Brass Rod Ring

Griffin Necklace

 Sterling Silver Bars Necklace

1. MiniCyn / 2. Beth Pohlman / 3. Lauren Haupt Jewelry / 4. Cynthia Del Giudice / 5. Apt. No. 5 / 6. Erin Jane Designs


I’m going on vacation next month and need a few guest bloggers. I just need a couple more!

I’m looking for posts on any of the following topics:

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  • graphic designers who make cool posters or book covers
  • t-shirts
  • interior design or rooms with a theme
  • any other topic that might fit with greenapril

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