Jen Corace is a little less indy than most of the artists I feature on greenapril, but that’s all right: she’s awesome anyway.

Most of her work looks like illustrations for children’s books (which she also dabbles in: check out her books for children), but her fine art illustrations have a great combination of the cute and eccentric. The majority of those pieces portray girls in danger, but with sweetly stoic faces that reveal very little.

I especially love her “Growing into a Respectable Lady” series (numbers 1-4 below), which depicts young women turning into natural objects. Who knew that becoming a respectable lady meant having to be something completely different than what you are? Ha!

My favorite piece is “Airplanes,” but it didn’t show up here very well. Look it up on her website under Fine Art.

I would love to hang any of these on my wall—but maybe not in a nursery.

Jen Corace - Beach GrassBeach Grass

Caught UpCaught Up

Prepared for the WorstPrepared for the Worst

Growing into a Respectable LadyGrowing into a Respectable Lady, no. 1-4

Down, Down, DownDown, Down, Down

Jen Corace: Website / Tiny Showcase / Books


If you know of a place besides Tiny Showcase to get her prints, please let me know!

Update: You can get “Improper Escort” here,  and prints from the “Clementine” series here.