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Hello and happy Friday!

I hope you didn’t mind my little break last week. It was really nice sharing photos of my vacation with all of you!

This weekend I’m headed up to Albany for work. Inspired by this article and this video, I think I might do something while I’m there that I’ve never done before: see a movie by myself. Is it weird that I haven’t done that before? I haven’t decided what I want to see—it’s between Eat, Pray, Love or (don’t laugh too hard) Charlie St. Cloud. (Check the Film Track on Monday to find out…)

Here are some good things I found this week:

These photos of collections by Anja Mulder are really gorgeous. (via Darling Dexter)

I adore Lola is Beauty and was psyched (is that still a word?) to see an interview with Claire on Poetic and Chic. Apparently she is just as cool as she seems.

Jess, you’re totally right: Britt and Rod are totally one of the sexiest couples ever in existence. I only say “one of” because I’m not ready to count out Antony and Cleopatra (or Heathcliff and Catherine for that matter).

I love ordinary photos of other cities. These photos of Tokyo make me want to live there for a while. (via @abby_try_again)

I know I already tweeted this, but this house really deserves another mention. I’m not kidding when I say that J and I have now shifted all of our life-savings into a Marcio Kogan fund. (Thanks Yellowtrace.)

Maybe I still have Vermont on the brain, but I am totally digging Mark Weaver‘s artwork. (via French Paper Sample Room)

Expect a post any day now about super amazingly adorable work of Katie Turner. (via Design*Sponge)

Every week I find more and more great blogs that I want people to know about. So starting this week, I’m going to tell you about them. Most of these peeps have been around for a while and are just new to me, but in case they’re new to you too, here’s my fave of the week:

the lighthouse keeperThe Lighthouse Keeper is a really gorgeous collection of inspiration by Andrea Despot. Lovely things.

(Hmmm… Posting that header made me think that maybe I need a real header. Anyone want to design me one for free?)

Dorky news: Did you notice that Jason Bateman’s character in The Switch is named Wally?! What a great name! (Not that I’m biased or anything…)

Have a wonderful weekend!