I have magically come across the coolest business idea ever.

you + me

Do you know these people? (They’re pretty new, so don’t fret if you said no…)

Well, holy bananas, this is the business I wish I’d thought of.

Here’s their deal: Miya and Elisabeth are lifestylists. They work in small event planning — as in making every-day events special. They’ll pick out gifts for you, they’ll help you design experiences: birthday parties, bridal showers, the first day of school.

In short, they’re idea people.

Wanna throw a party? They’ll not only help you plan it, they’ll even order the invitations. Or, if you’re a creative person that just needs a boost, they’ll create an inspiration board and let you handle the rest.

Example: For this wedding, Conor and Jerem didn’t need a wedding planner, they just needed some help with the seating chart. Ta da!


The thing that makes Miya and Elisabeth different is that they’re event planners for me and you (or rather, you + me). I’m not throwing any huge bashes (sorry), but maybe I want to make my husband’s birthday special for him and a few of our friends. No prob. You + Me have it covered.

Check them out, but don’t be surprised when they become my new best friends.

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