Tatsuro KiuchiDigital art by Tatsuro Kiuchi on Good Measure

What are you up to this weekend?

I have to work all day Saturday (bleh), but I’m hoping to squeeze in some fun social time with my sis and some friends, probably involving massive amounts of food.

This week was packed with awesome stuff.

Here’s some great stuff to read:

If you’re interested in Joy Cho and Megan Ilasco’s new book Creative, Inc., you should definitely check out this interview with them by Ellie from Mint. It’s the fourth stop on their blog tour, which I’m pretty sure is how I want to announce all major news from now on. (Btw, is anyone going to see them speak at Michele Varian in NYC on October 7? Wanna meet up?)

Why didn’t we get the same buzz for Amy Bloom’s last book (or Nicole Krauss’s upcoming one) as we are for Jonathan Franzen’s? Jezebel has some answers.

In case you loved Possession or have actually hacked your way through all 688 supposedly magnificent pages of The Children’s Book, you may want to check out this interview with A.S. Byatt. (via The Millions)

There’s something you should know about me: I hate coffee (there, I said it), but I love tea. And I’m not the only one. So, enquiring minds* want to know: where are all the tea bars? (via @automatismblog)

If you’re into documentaries, here is a list of the good ones coming out this fall. ‘Cause there’s nothing that will put you to sleep faster than a bad documentary. Because learning is fun!

Here’s some great stuff to see:

I love my home, but—get ready for the shock of a lifetime—it is not as amazing as Chloe Sevigny‘s or Erica Domesek‘s (of P.S. I Made This fame but who should also be famous for having the most fabulous supply closet I’ve ever seen). (via @creamylife and @ruemagazine)

I am totally smitten by Nole (from Oh, So Beautiful Paper‘s) “Beautiful Details” collection on Felt & Wire. I’m especially crazy about this ligatures love note.

Ink blots always look cool, and now you can get them on tote bags from Uniform Natural. (via @katemiss)

Insane cuteness on Seesaw and Automatism.

Gorgeous photography:

Rockie Nolan on Creature Comforts

Team Juco on Happiness Is…

Pedro Guimaraes on Public School

Favorite new-to-me blogs for this week: My Paradissi (an inspiration blog by a Greek architect) and Thank You, OK (a photography blog by a Canadian living in South Korea). Check them out—you won’t be disappointed.

Have a spectacular weekend. I’ll catch you on the flip side. (My favorite saying besides “bun in the oven.”)

*Before you report me to the grammar police, “enquiring minds” is—or at least was—the tagline for the National Enquirer, an American tabloid.