Mike Dumlao

This week has been a total blur.

This summer I’ve had the super sweet arrangement of working only three days a week. But now, oh September, I’m back to the five-days-a-week plan. Bleh. At the very least the weather’s going to be cooler and I have Labor Day off.

This weekend we’re going to spend some time in Brooklyn Heights checking out what might be our new ‘hood. (Have I mentioned we’re thinking of moving to Brooklyn? Marisa Tomei says it’s the new center of the universe.) We’re heading over to the dog park there for a Shiba meet-up, and—are you ready for this?—a Japanese film crew is going to be there interviewing people about why Shibas are so popular in New York City. Wally could be a star!

I’ve also been thinking about making some new recipes this weekend. I’m especially in the mood for peach custard pie and mango, apple, mozzarella salad. Yum, yum, yum.

Here’s some cool stuff to read this weekend:

September seems to be bringing a lot of introspection (I guess none of us have outgrown the feeling of the new school year starting). Covet Chicago and Not Your Average Ordinary both wrote about personal manifestos this week, and they’ve really gotten me thinking about my own. Future post?

Flavorwire has compiled a list of the top 10 bookstores in the country. Glad to see some of my faves (Powell’s, Elliot Bay), but how could they leave out Book People?

Shelter Pop will guide you through the perilous world of donating your old stuff. (We’re definitely going to need the help if we really end up moving.)

People are starting to notice what blogs have been doing for years. The revelation? Everybody likes to see real homes, in all their imperfection. (Liz Arnold’s blog is becoming one of my faves in this genre.)

Here’s some cool stuff to see this weekend:

The American Committee for Devastated France, a civilian relief organization, commissioned photographs and films designed to foster a humanitarian response to the plight of French refugees during and after the First World War. The Morgan Library & Museum has them on display: read more here, and  check out the photos here.

Take a look at this hodge-podge collection of minimalist photography.

Love this September wallpaper from Shanna Murray. I would love to have it at work, but I don’t have the heart to replace the picture of Wally.

If you’re in NYC, keep your calendar open for the Yoshimoto Nara exhibit at the Asia Society opening September 9.

Have a great weekend. I’ll let you know how that pie turns out.

*photo by Mike Dumlao via Abduzeedo