Because I love cheesy themes and alliterative titles, this month I’m focusing my musical introductions on one group only: the Supremes! This inevitably means we’ll be diving into…


Do you love it? Do you?

I have to be honest: September has never been a great month in my book. School (in Texas) starts in August, and as a teacher the middle of the year is always October (don’t ask me why, but it’s really true: as soon as you make it through October, the rest of the year just slides by). But September just means that summer’s over, and—if you’re me or you care about that sort of thing—you’ve gone through yet another warm season without going to the beach. (Isn’t everything better with a tan?) Sigh. At least this year I made it to a river.

So, to make September a little more pleasant, I’m going to spend it with Diana Ross.

I’m digging their sequined pink dresses.

Here a bonus Glee version, mostly because I think Quinn’s dancing is just so cute (even when she’s trying to be sexy).

Happy Music Monday. You’re totally “supreme.”

(OMG, I can’t believe I just made that joke. Next year I’m putting that on a musical valentine to my mom.)