Christopher David Ryan does a lot of super illustration work (you may have seen it on Swiss Miss a few years ago), but lately I’ve been most inspired by his Atmostheory projects:

Atmostheory is a one-man design studio based in Portland, Maine founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of exploring a selection of the limitless design theories adrift in our graphic atmosphere.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Silent FilmsSilent Films (5 of 8 )

Peripheral no. 1Peripheral no. 1 (3 of 3)

Peripheral no. 3Peripheral no. 3 (2 of 3)

Worlds Kaleid no. 2Worlds Kaleid no. 2 (6 of 6)

Above it AllAbove it All (1 of 7)

Christopher David Ryan: Website / Atmostheory / Blog / Twitter / Flickr / Cargo Collective