Option-G is a multidisciplinary creative agency that specializes in illustration, graphic design, animation and original video content. They also have a t-shirt line that they release twice a year.

Iceberg TeeIceberg

Topographic Map TeeTopographic Map

Aurora Borealis TeeAurora Borealis

Apparently they sell these at Target and Urban Outfitters, but I’ve definitely never seen them there—though, to be fair, living in Manhattan has really curtailed my Target addition, and I’ve been feeling too old to shop in UO since I turned about 23. So if you see one of those Iceberg tees in a ladies Medium, be sure to send it my way. (I promise I’ll pay you back.)

By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re going to see this studio show up on 2 Gigs / 1 Artist in the very near future.

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