What’s black, white, and red all over? Elefint Tees!

(I know, that was a terrible joke, but you know how much I love being cheesy.)

I’ve always been a great fan of the simplicity of black, white and red. That color combination has always struck me as the most basic palate for design. And I think that Jonathan Capuano, the designer behind Elefint, really knows how to maximize the look of those colors on a t-shirt. (Take a look at that raven!)

Elefint tees come in lots of other colors as well—the Basket Bike Tee comes in exactly eleven colors—and I’m particularly partial to the Cold Owl Hoodie—which would make a really excellent Christmas gift for a specific family member—but in the end I’m loving the basic black, white and red.

Btw, everything Elefint makes is screen-printed by hand and made to order by Jonathan. (Check out his design portfolio here.)

Raven Abstract T-shirtRaven Abstract

Love WinsLove Wins

Bird Flock TeeBirds Flock

I also love this tote bag. Too cute.

Chubby BirdsChubby Birds

Elefint:  Etsy / Jonathan Capuano’s Website / Twitter