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2 Gigs / 1 Artist: Us and Them

Us and Them

Us and Them: Website / Shop


I’ll trade you your book for mine

looking for booksI love blog games. (You may remember this one or this one.)

Well, Louise has recently introduced me to a new one that’s perfect for me.

A Book Swap!

(B from A Pretty Place to Play is obviously a total and absolute genius for coming up with this.) Here are the rules:

  1. Email B your details (name, address and a link to your blog) to aprettyplacetoplay [at] gmail [dot] com.
  2. You’ll be matched up with another interested blogger.
  3. Pick out a book you like from your collection and package it up with a letter about why you like it so much – remember to write your name on the first page so those in the future can look back on where it has come from!
  4. Read and enjoy the book.
  5. Tell your swap-mate what you thought about it.
  6. Share the love and pass the book on to someone else.

You have until September 1 to sign up.

I’m already scouring my bookshelf, but I have no idea what to pick. I’m dying to know—what would you send?


By the way, does everyone already know about the Sketchbook Project? I don’t have a sketchbook, but this really makes me want to start one! (And I’ve already chosen a theme: “a record year for rainfall.”)


Image via Bookshelf Porn

How to Be Alone

via Susannah Conway

I’m not just one of your many toys

Lesley Gore would totally have been my hero in 1964.

Not only was she singing about not being anyone’s toy (and that she should be able to go with other boys), she put off her career—even though her manager was Quincy Jones—to go to Sarah Lawrence and performed only on the weekends.

I think Lindsay Lohan there are probably quite a few stars that could have benefited from taking a few years off to go to college.

Lesley came out a few years ago and has been a guest host on the PBS series In the Life, which focused on LGBT issues.

Good for her.

I like bags, not purses

My love for t-shirts is a sign of something larger: I’m a girl who likes to be girly in her own way. And as part of this propensity is an inclination toward a funky bag over any kind of purse.

Here are some bags to lure you over to my side (conveniently organized by occasion):

For the BEACH

Sailor Tote Bag

Sailor Tote Bag by Bayan Hippo


Burgundy Argyle BELLA Handbag

Bella Handbag by Felt Sew Good


D-Moss by OS Handmade

D-Moss by OS Handmade


Gothenburg Robin

Gothenburg Robin by Ika Bags

For the OFFICE

Pinstripe Wool and Leather Tote

Pinstripe Wool and Leather Tote by Infusion


Vintage Mississauga News Sling Messenger/Tote

Vintage Mississauga News Sling Bag by Yahees Place

Shop:  Bayan Hippo / Felt Sew Good / OS Handmade / Ikabags / Infusion / Yahees Place /

Cherish is the word

This was a very eventful weekend! Two of our friends got married, and two more got engaged!

Plus, today is my parents-in-law’s 40 anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Since July seems to be the new month of love (sorry February), I’m dedicating his month to love songs.

Of course, the first song will have to be my in-laws’, “Cherish” by The Association.

My favorite part of this video are all the people looking pretty bored at the beginning. Either they just didn’t have enough footage of people singing along or tapping their feet, or the auditorium was so unbelievably hot that every person in the audience was fanning herself. Since even the later shots of people showed them with those paper fans, my inclination is toward the latter.

I also have to at least mention those amazing special effects that seemed exclusively focused on the drums. Those are exactly the kind of effects more people should be using these days. Excellent.

On the topic of love, here is a fabulous pick-up line I heard this weekend from someone at the wedding.

Context: My friend was at the grocery store and a man walks up to take a look in her basket…

I see you have eggs. How do you like them in the morning? Scrambled? Poached? Or fertilized?

Uh huh. And she brought him to the wedding.*

Have a wonderful Music Monday. xoxo (and this month I’m not writing that ironically)

*Okay, obviously not. Gross. Clearly that pick-up line did not work or her or any other intelligent woman or man in the known universe. I repeat: gross.

Three Postcards

These are prototypes for three postcards I’ve been working on for an upcoming project (more on that soon). I’m planning to do 6 versions of each.

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