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2 Gigs / 1 Artist: Never Sleeping Inc.

Never Sleeping Inc

Never Sleeping Inc: Website / Etsy / Blog


2 Gigs / 1 Artist: Us and Them

Us and Them

Us and Them: Website / Shop

2 gigs / 1 artist: Jon Smith

Jon SmithJon Smith: Blog / Store / Twitter / Posters


Christopher David Ryan does a lot of super illustration work (you may have seen it on Swiss Miss a few years ago), but lately I’ve been most inspired by his Atmostheory projects:

Atmostheory is a one-man design studio based in Portland, Maine founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of exploring a selection of the limitless design theories adrift in our graphic atmosphere.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Silent FilmsSilent Films (5 of 8 )

Peripheral no. 1Peripheral no. 1 (3 of 3)

Peripheral no. 3Peripheral no. 3 (2 of 3)

Worlds Kaleid no. 2Worlds Kaleid no. 2 (6 of 6)

Above it AllAbove it All (1 of 7)

Christopher David Ryan: Website / Atmostheory / Blog / Twitter / Flickr / Cargo Collective

2 gigs / 1 artist: Farley Bookout

Farley Bookout

Farley Bookout: Posters / Empire Press

Maps and Birds and Poppies and Lanterns

Rachel Austin‘s work makes me smile. I love the maps and the birds and the poppies and lanterns. I love the bright reds and greens and whites.

These pieces are simple (but not simplistic) and optimistic in just the perfect way.

Flying Birds and Red Twig DogwoodsFlying Birds and Red Twig Dogwoods

Four LanternsFour Lanterns

Birds and PoppiesBirds and Poppies

Birds and Branches with Red BudsBirds and White Buds

Poppies on RedPoppies on Red

Rachel Austin: Website / Etsy / Blog / Twitter

2 gigs / 1 artist: Denny Schmickle

Denny Schmickle

Denny Schmickle: Website / Blog / Store / Posters / Twitter