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Change of Address

I want to start with the statement that whoever reads this blog is really awesome. You’re awesome because even though I’ve been taking an unplanned hiatus for the last few weeks, you’ve stuck with me and kept reading.

You are all my new best friends.

Anywho, I’ve got some exciting things going on over here which are going to skew my posts this month…

Our little family is moving to Brooklyn! We’ve landed a sweet apartment in Boerum Hill and I’m so excited to let you in on all our  packing nightmares adventures!

So for the next weeks, I’m going to sprinkle my regular posts with all the moving stuff that’s floating around in my mind right now. Back to blogging (at least a couple of times a week). Huzzah!


I know you know this, but I love mail. I love to get it, I love to send it, I love to have it pile up in my office and never use it. Sigh.

This week I’ve been previewing some rad little change of address notes. Here are my faves so far.

Moving DayJack and Ella Paper Press

Brooklyn BrownstoneLucky Duck Press

Moving TruckLetterary Press

This one isn’t strictly a moving card, but I think it’s really cool (and a little out of my price range).

Chevy Station WagonPistachio Press

I think we might have settled on this one:

New Nest

New NestJack and Ella Paper Press

Cute, cute, cute.


I’m Sick

I’m sick today.

I really hate being sick, especially when I have so much to do.

Here are some cards you could send me (or my sister, she’s sick too). The ones for your family are at the top, the ones for your friends are at the bottom.

Get Better by Navy Blue Notes

Get Well Soon by Storeyshop

Get Well Soon by dertigdecember

Feel Less Sick by prismPOP

Sick People Suck by Wide Sarcasm Sea

Get Well Sick by JeanFrancisBean

Be well.

1. Navy Blue Notes / 2. Storeyshop / 3. dertigdecember / 4. prismPOP / 5. Wide Sarcasm Sea / 6. JeanFrancisBean

Three Postcards

These are prototypes for three postcards I’ve been working on for an upcoming project (more on that soon). I’m planning to do 6 versions of each.

© greenapril

A Card for Your Bro

It’s hard to find a good bro card, but my sister spotted this one at Renegade from a mile away:

Undies blank greeting card(What can I say? She thinks boy panties are hilarious.)

This would be a perfect card to send to your brother, especially if he’s still in college, like mine. (I love that red, white, and blue band.)

And, in honor of my current visit to my lovely home state of Texas:

Cactus blank greeting cardSend this one to a Texan this week. But make sure they’re from West Texas, because East Texas is actually quite green. (Did you know that?)

Cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn: Website / Etsy (yes, they do make gold tooth charms… and yes, i know you want one.)

Send this Card!

Send this one to your LOVAH.

 let's make out embroidered card

And while you’re there, pick up one of nowvember‘s embroidered Moleskine notebooks:

 kitten awesome pocket journal

embroidered zombie pocket notebook