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Your telegram just killed my groove

I love this song. (Do I say that every week?)

Such nice harmony. Such ridiculous lyrics:

Fifteen cents a word to read
A telegram I didn’t need
Says she doesn’t care no more
Think I’ll throw it on the floor
Got your cable just today
Killed my groove I’ve got to say…

Sorry fellas, but is it ever good news when you get a telegram? There was only one reason for your girlfriend not to call you on the phone in 1967. In 2010 you would have just gotten a text.

Fun fact (according to the ultra-reliable Wikipedia): “Western Union” contains the most repetitive word or phrase (in this case, the imitative word “dit”) in a Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 record.

Happy Music Monday, everyone.


I’ve given up my friends just for you

It’s still…


I’m sorry to say that Diana, Flo and Mary have broken the cardinal rule of dating: never, never, never give up your friends for anyone you’re just dating, especially somebody who has already broken up with you! Come on, ladies—you know better than that!

But it is a pretty song.

By the way, I’m probably the only person who likes the Supremes and doesn’t know anything about them, but in case I’m not, you should definitely read their history on Wikipedia. I’m adding Dreamgirls to my Netflix queue right now.

Happy Music Monday, my dears.

don’t throw our love away

Welcome back to…


(I don’t know why I think putting that in all caps is so funny, but I think it’s here to stay. Just imagine it with some crazy word art zooming in and out.)

In this video it’s really clear why Diana Ross became such a star: she knows how to engage an audience. I barely even noticed the other two Supremes, and it’s not because Diana is the main singer. Some people are obviously blessed with the ability to draw your attention. (Tangent: I remember the first time I ever saw Edie Sedgwick on film. I had no idea who she was, but I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Diana Ross has that same quality.)

Who are those super short people dancing behind Diana Ross? I guess the Supremes are on a raised platform, but this video makes those other people look like Hobbits. (Sorry if you are one of those people. It’s not your fault, it’s the camera angle.)

Happy Music Monday. Have a great week.

Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City With Our National T-shirts On

As I’ve been assembling my collection of gig posters for 2 Gigs / 1 Artist, I’ve been inspired by the way I’ve been seeing the ways that an artist’s style comes through even when confronting different subjects. This got me thinking more about the way graphic artists use music as inspiration…

Here is the inevitable equation that followed:


Yes. So let’s start with one of my fave bands: The National.

The NationalBirds Tee by The Small Stakes

The NationalColor Skull Tee by Distant Station Ltd.

Nuggets TeeNuggets Tee by TVM Studio

Chwast TeeChwast Tee by Seymour Chwast

(Check out all their swag here.)

seeing you only breaks my heart again

Because I love cheesy themes and alliterative titles, this month I’m focusing my musical introductions on one group only: the Supremes! This inevitably means we’ll be diving into…


Do you love it? Do you?

I have to be honest: September has never been a great month in my book. School (in Texas) starts in August, and as a teacher the middle of the year is always October (don’t ask me why, but it’s really true: as soon as you make it through October, the rest of the year just slides by). But September just means that summer’s over, and—if you’re me or you care about that sort of thing—you’ve gone through yet another warm season without going to the beach. (Isn’t everything better with a tan?) Sigh. At least this year I made it to a river.

So, to make September a little more pleasant, I’m going to spend it with Diana Ross.

I’m digging their sequined pink dresses.

Here a bonus Glee version, mostly because I think Quinn’s dancing is just so cute (even when she’s trying to be sexy).

Happy Music Monday. You’re totally “supreme.”

(OMG, I can’t believe I just made that joke. Next year I’m putting that on a musical valentine to my mom.)

Danger in the Summer Moon Above

I should have posted this song in May, since that’s what the song is about. But since this is the last Monday of August, and I really do hope to see you in September, I thought I would go ahead and post it today.

This song is great because it’s so true to my life. None of my first three boyfriends made it through the summer. I lost one to a drill team girl, another to video games and partying (he turned 21), and another to, well, Jesus.

Luckily, I met J in the summer, so we really didn’t have too far to go to make it through to September. Thank goodness!

Will I see you in September?

Happy Music Monday.

She’s the terror of Colorado Boulevard

I can’t believe I’ve made it almost the whole summer without including any surfer songs to my Music Monday playlist!

Jan and Dean to the rescue! Whew!

(Check out their awesome dance moves.)

Happy Music Monday!

Now, let’s go to the beach!